Demo 1: Brand Positioning
This is a test between Nike and Adidas. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of Nike against a competitor Adidas
Duration: 2 minutes
Demo 2: Packaging Evaluation
The test measures the strengths and weaknesses of each pack design and how they deliver the brand proposition
Duration: 4 minutes
Demo 3: Banner Evaluation
Which type of banner will perfectly suit Camptech shoes in driving intention to purchase? Is it the functional banner or the emotional banner?
Duration: 2 minutes
Demo 4: Brand Extension
Does the proposed new Coca-Cola Energy product fit within the brand values of Coca-Cola? Is it suitable as a new brand extension?
Duration: 2 minutes
Demo 5: Celebrity Endorsement
Is George Clooney or Jennifer Lopez the best endorser of Nespresso coffee?
Duration: 2 minutes
Demo 6: Pricing and Promotions
Which promotional offer is best suited for PG tips tea?
Duration: 3 minutes